End of Term Reuse Project

Students, don’t chuck out stuff that other people would love to have! At the end of the year, collect up suitable items and donate them to charity. This not only helps those less unfortunate, but it saves on waste, carbon emissions and can raise much needed funds for charitable causes.

End of Term Reuse has been running since 2011! On average students have donated 3 tonnes of items each year, including clothes, kitchen equipment, books and non-perishable food.  This also saves 30 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.  Items such as duvets, bedding, sharp objects cannot be donated and must be separated accordingly before putting in the donation boxes.  Broken or dirty items must also not be included.

Over the past few years, we have partnered with the British Heart Foundation’s Pack for Good Campaign. Over these years, not only have we saved on waste, but through student involvement we have raised over £18,000 for research and support for patients with heart and circulatory conditions.

  • Finding a comfy place to nap after all the hard work of sorting! Project 2013
  • A handy tool in transporting donations - Project 2012
  • Charity CRISP collecting donations - our partner in 2012
  • Pots and pans! Project 2014
  • Bedding, and more bedding.  Project 2014

The project is managed by student volunteers and paid ambassadors, remember to look out for job adverts towards the end of year to be involved.

Recently, we have also started donating leftover food (non-perishable) to local foodbanks from that left in halls.

Check out some of the images & gifs from 2018 at the footer of this page.

What we’d love you to save & donate:

  • Clean pots, pans, crockery & cutlery & other kitchenwares & utensils
  • Clean  bedding, duvet covers, sheets, & pillowcases (sorry, no duvets or pillows)
  • Clean clothes and shoes
  • Complete games, packs of cards etc
  • Working electrical items
  • Furniture
  • Books, pictures
  • Food. Please leave this one of the cupboards of your kitchen and only include items that are unopened and in-date.
  • Anything else – that doesn’t go into recycling or black bags (see below)

What you can put in the recycling (clear bags)

  • Opened bottles of foodstuffs. Please wash out first!
  • Recycable packaging
  • Magazines

What you can put in the bin (black bags)

  • Opened packets of food (remember to recycle any recyclable packaging first)
  • Underwear.

When your reuse bag is full email sustainability@gre.ac.uk or tweet @Sustain_Greewich letting us know what flat and block you live in.

Thanks for all your help and have a great summer!!!

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