Sustainability relates to everything so it connects to every job. Employers are increasingly demanding applicants with sustainability literacy and the ability to apply sustainability in the workplace. These aren’t just jobs with ‘sustainability’ or ‘environmental’ in their titles. They are in every position there is.

How is that? It’s because sustainability can deliver huge opportunities, meeting the drivers that organisations succeed on. For example:

  • Applying sustainability principles save costs through efficiency improvements.
  • Sustainable organisations reduce legal and PR risks by staying the right slide of the law or public expectations.
  • Sustainability is a huge opportunity for innovation and product/service improvement. You can sell more or better!
  • Sustainable organisations are those that smart people want to work for and buy from. Are your values important to you? Yes. Would you work for or buy from a company that didn’t share your values? No. You are happier and more productive if you work for a company that your values are aligned to.

If you want the future to be a sustainable one then you can ensure that happens by helping your (future) employer behave more sustainably.

What we are doing:

How you can ensure your future job is sustainable:

  • Up-skill and study about sustainability and get a sustainability focused job.
  • Bring your sustainability knowledge taken from your degree and apply it effectively in your role, monitor your successes and communicate these to gain recognition and buy-in.
  • Up-skill, study about sustainability and apply for an organisation that is a leader in sustainability. The role you apply for does not need to have sustainability as a core focus, yet if you illustrate in your application and interview that you bring knowledge and skills to help the organisation improve its sustainability performance they will be very interested in selecting you.
  • In your future role become a sustainability champion for your department or organisation, deliver results and you may become the company’s future Sustainability Director!
  • Volunteer in organisations that share sustainability goals, bring that experience and use it in future job applications.
  • If you are not taught how to apply sustainability practically in your subject demand this from your lecturers, tutors and programme leaders. Remember you are paying for the knowledge and skills you and the future needs so you have a clear justification for asking for this.

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