Sustainability is vital for our student’s futures.

To guarantee a healthy, stable planet for future generations, we are largely reliant on the abilities of our students to learn about sustainability and adopt its principles in their studies, personal lives and professions after graduation.

Sustainability can be connected to every job. Employers are increasingly looking for applicants with sustainability literacy, and these aren’t just jobs with ‘sustainability’ or ‘environmental’ in their titles.

Application of Sustainability

The principles can deliver huge opportunities, meeting the drivers that organisations succeed on. For example:

  • Saving costs through efficiency improvements (in design, processes, manufacturing, supply chain, waste etc).
  • Reducing legal and PR risks by staying the right slide of the law or stakeholder/public expectations.
  • Bringing opportunities for innovation and product/service improvement.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, and becoming a better market for the consumer and for future employees (by embedding the same values).

Check our how you can be involved whilst at University.

Explore this website to understand more about the subject, and how you can leave a positive legacy, both at Greenwich but also in your future career.


If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to skills and future job prospects, IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment). have created a Green Careers Hub and is designed for all experience and jobs. A green career is a job, or series of jobs, across an occupational life that contribute to improving the natural environment and addressing climate change.

This slide deck illustrates some of the opportunities that our students can gain by connecting with sustainability.

One example of how students have got fully involved in developing life skills, knowledge and experience is the student led, designed, managed and delivered Future Fair. this was run by students and created a day of excellent talks, exhibitions, collaborations and discussions. Further information can be found here. You can also get an idea of what the environmental sector here.

Employability at Greenwich

There are plenty of opportunities; both paid and voluntary to be involved with sustainability at Greenwich, contact the team to find out more.

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