Future Fair:

The future’s bright, the future’s sustainable.

The Future Fair is happening on Wednesday February 11, 2 – 6pm in the Project Space of the new Stockwell Street Library.

This is a project designed, developed and delivered by students through the Sustainability Hub, an innovative collaboration between the Students Union and the University of Greenwich. It is open to all staff, students and our wider community. It is the first annual sustainability themed show and presents a model for sustainable events in higher education. An incorporation of exhibitions and speakers within various fields of sustainability will encourage learning and developing environmentally friendly action, all in a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

Biodiversity, energy, carbon and water are just a few of the topics covered as well as how sustainability is taught within faculties at the University.

The Stockwell Street Building at the University of Greenwich has achieved a BREEAM Excellence rating with two innovation awards for the roof structure and future adaptability measures. This provides a space suitable to the themes of sustainability in architecture.

The show will comprise stalls, exhibitions and interactive activities for students and the local community. Staff and students from across the university will be invited, as well as other local organisations and academics. It is anticipated the event will increase the knowledge of sustainability of both students and the community, and also to highlight the opportunities for education and careers in sustainability.

Join, participate, have fun and learn a thing or two at the Future Fair!

The student organisers (Green Ambassadors) running the porgramme produced a post event final review and a review of their own perspectives.

Future Fair Poster


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