CREL Bites; a new video series launched by the Centre for Research & Enterprise in Language

Interested in studying different aspects of language, its acquisition, development, or its formal analysis or teaching? Then watch the new video series launched by the Centre for Research & Enterprise in Language; CREL Bites.

CREL members are involved in research and scholarly activities concerning any aspect of language, its acquisition, teaching and its interface. CREL Bites is a video series featuring members introducing their research areas to provide insights on inter-disciplinary links to language. The videos aim to stimulate discussion, knowledge-exchange and provide potential collaborations in and around language.

We are excited to share the first video by Professor Andrew King, Professor of English Literature and Literary Studies.  Andrew’s research lies in Victorian print culture, particularly periodicals and popular fiction. Focusing on two areas of the 19th century; popular fiction and magazines, Andrew uses them both to find out how we’re different from the past and how the past constrains and enables how and what we communicate today. 

What are the links to language you gather from Andrew’s research?

In the next video we look at what syntax and semantics mean to a mathematician, check the CREL website  to find out more.    

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