Creatively Engaging with BAMER communities in Greenwich

Lest we Forget: Remembering Black Soldiers Film by Marc Wadsworth:

The final part of the day returned us to the theme of remembrance, specifically the often forgotten contribution of Allied soldiers from African, Asian and Caribbean commonwealth to World War 2. We also remembered black solders that represented the British army in later wars such as the Falklands. Black veterans of World War 2 living in the local area shared their stories during a  story-telling session and we held a film screening of the documentary  ‘United by Race: United in War’, followed by a  question and answer session with the Director/Producer, Mark Wadsworth, in which we once again reflected on the importance of remembering Black’s people contribution to UK society.

The event was an important reminder of ways in which the University can come together with voluntary organisations and other stakeholders in local community settings in order to undertake research and engagement activities that seeks to understand and proactively respond to community needs.

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