Ban recycling boxes to protect binmen, say occupational health experts – David Thomas

Waste collection systems used throughout the UK could be causing significant long-term musculoskeletal issues for workers, research has shown.

This project which has been reported in ‘The Telegraph’
Occupational safety and health of refuse workers. The work which has been undertaken over the last 4 years has recently been published by the  Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Dr David Thomas, an Academic Portfolio Lead in the School of Design at the University of Greenwich and a Member of IOSH’s Environmental and Waste Management Group Committee said:

“The findings of this research present a timely opportunity for organisations to consider how they protect their workforces. Rather than organisations focusing on generic ‘capability’ for a ‘fit youngster’ they need to consider how they accommodate an ever-increasing ageing workforce when developing systems of work.

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