Inland Port Digest – An Insight into Global Inland Container Depots

The Inland Port Digest has been founded by PhD researcher Nathaniel Nsen Fuanbial. His research focuses on the role of inland container depots, port congestion, port management/operations, and the economic development in Nigeria. The magazine is based on a contemporary issue that highlights improvements in the development of the Nigerian shipping industry and the efforts to diversify the Nigerian economy through the development of a ‘non-oil’ sector.

According to Nathaniel, the primary objective of the ‘Inland Port Digest’ magazine is to provide foresight and strategic guidance into the concept of inland container depots, in other words “dry ports”, with a focus on its benefits to economic growth in developing countries like Nigeria. Another objective is to highlight their ability in reducing port congestion, contribute to port management and its operations, and help reduce CO2 emissions in the environment through the introduction of the rail system.

This edition further enlightens readers on the activities and prospects of the inland container depots, particularly the Cover Feature about the Jos Plateau State in Nigeria. You will also find news from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

Nathaniel hopes that this edition will promote intellectual development, peace and progress in developing countries. If readers wish to share any maritime-related research or news, they are encouraged to send their articles for the next month’s edition to enable the magazine to have a broader coverage, both locally and internationally.

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