Ala Barzinji awarded the Gourmand International Cookbook Award for bringing Kurdish cuisine on the global food map

Ala has written an award-winning book on Kurdish Cuisine called Traditional Kurdish Food

Postgraduate Researcher from Computing and Mathematical Sciences (CMS), Ala Barzinji, has not just been working on her research on the ”prediction and identification of child obesity using machine learning”, she has been cooking up a storm in her kitchen too! Ala was awarded the prestigious Gourmand International Cookbook Award for her book ”Traditional Kurdish Food: An insight into Kurdish culinary heritage”. In this book she has shared traditional Kurdish recipes and those looking to try new recipes can grab a copy of the book on Amazon:

Ala was also awarded the Most Successful Kurdish Woman Award 2019

For her achievement on being awarded for her cookbook, she was also presented with the ”Most Successful Kurdish Woman Award 2019” by the Centre for Kurdish Progress. This ceremony was held at the British Houses of Parliament and the award was presented by the Honourable Dan Carden.

If you would like to get in touch with her to discuss her research, machine learning or even about her love for Kurdish cooking, you can email her on her Greenwich e-mail address.

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