A path to the Flipped institution?

path path path by Hickabilly via Flickr

Flipped classroom practices have been identified as important developments in pedagogy by numerous sector-scanning reports. For example Innovating Pedagogy 2014: Open University Innovation Report (Sharples, et.al 2014),  Horizon Report 2014: Higher Education Edition (NMC 2014) and Horizon Report 2015: Higher Education edition (NMC 2015). This has also been reflected at our institution, with lecturers across the… Continue reading

Integrating iPads in Mathematics

Maths students use a variety of easily available apps in their lectures and tutorials. The aim of this project, supported by the Greenwich Connect seed fund, was to introduce the students to more applications to help their understanding of the overall area (in mathematics, this may relate to, for example, history or modern… Continue reading

First Week Impressions Project

First year history students were encouraged to use cameras to record their first impressions of university life either by using the video function or by taking photos. The aim of the project, which has been supported by the Greenwich Connect seed fund, was to evaluate how the use of digital… Continue reading