Students’ Anxiety and Depression During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Curious Case of First Year Undergraduate Students

The COVID-19 pandemic has created the most severe disruption to global education systems in history. More than 1.6 billion students were affected by more than 190 country-wide closures of schools or universities at the peak of the crisis, (UNESCO. 2020). The University of Greenwich, similar to most of the universities… Continue reading

Using films in teaching business subjects to GenZ: A case study from Vietnam

Recently when I joined academia to teach business subjects in Vietnam, I faced challenges in explaining complex theories or concepts in disciplines such as change management and organizational behaviour to undergraduate students with a lack of work experience. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the university invited guest speakers and organized company… Continue reading

From “ivory tower” to “real world”: Transforming learning, teaching and research through Living Labs

In the past years, we all witnessed a progressive blurring of the boundaries between universities and their environment. Once depicted through metaphors such as the “ivory tower”, universities are now expected to be “entrepreneurial” and accomplish multiple missions by opening up to many stakeholders (Etzkowitz, 2014). On the one hand, from a teaching perspective, co-creation with learners… Continue reading

Learning to fly: Helping postgraduate students learn the craft of independent research

1. Our aims  This blog aims first to assess the learning opportunities that the new pedagogical philosophy of the “connected curriculum” may offer students. We also want to reflect on how curriculum design may facilitate these opportunities. We hope that our reflections will invite conversations on putting this new philosophy… Continue reading

Review of Dave P. Thomas & Suhraiya Jivraj, eds. Towards Decolonising the University: A Kaleidoscope for Empowered Action (Oxford: Counterpress, 2020)

This book’s publication is timely: the murder of George Floyd in May 2020 acted as a catalyst for the intensification of many mass movements in search of racial justice in the USA, UK and beyond. Protests and campaigns spurred many institutions, including the University of Greenwich, to release ‘Black Lives… Continue reading

Tailoring GOLD Guidance for Research Supervisors in Mathematical Sciences

As teaching excellence become part of the HE vocabulary and with university KPIs concerning teaching qualifications becoming a growing concern for all departments,  more colleagues are applying for fellowship via the Greenwich Opportunities in Learning Development framework (commonly referred to as the GOLD scheme) than ever before. The GOLD (Greenwich… Continue reading

SHIFT 2017: Annual Conference of Learning, Teaching & Assessment

SHIFT has always reflected our response to meeting challenges, enabling us to engage in professional development and share effective practice, innovative pedagogies and celebrate successes.  As in previous conferences, SHIFT 2017 will allow us to reflect on our own development needs and career aspirations as we start the new spring… Continue reading

Save the date: open lecture by Beverley Crooks, Brunel University Approaching Widening Participation in HE

Save the date!  Beverley Crooks, Brunel University Approaching Widening Participation in HE Greenwich Campus, Queen Anne 065​ December 8th 2016, 5-6.00pm   Dr Beverley Crooks, Widening Participation Officer, Brunel University London Beverley has worked in education for 30 years, first as a secondary school teacher, local education authority adviser and school… Continue reading