Enhancing College-Based Higher Education: Conference Report

In July 2015 I had the pleasure of facilitating a workshop on Flipped Learning at Capturing HE-ness: A Teaching and Learning Conference to Enhance College-Based Higher Education,  which was hosted by the University of Greenwich Access and Partnerships Unit for our Partner College Network.  Before my workshop there were two keynote sessions that… Continue reading

Exploring how flipped learning supports students in developing problem solving skills [SHIFT2015]

Zoe Swan and Tatiana Simmonds

This is a follow up post exploring the work of Dr. Tatiana Simmonds (Principal Lecturer, Computing and Information Systems Department) and Zoe Swan (Senior Lecturer in Law). The first post, Flipped classroom at the University of Greenwich: our lecturers discuss, featured an interview conversation between them and the Greenwich Connect team. This blog post offers a… Continue reading

A path to the Flipped institution?

path path path by Hickabilly via Flickr

Flipped classroom practices have been identified as important developments in pedagogy by numerous sector-scanning reports. For example Innovating Pedagogy 2014: Open University Innovation Report (Sharples, et.al 2014),  Horizon Report 2014: Higher Education Edition (NMC 2014) and Horizon Report 2015: Higher Education edition (NMC 2015). This has also been reflected at our institution, with lecturers across the… Continue reading

Sparking Ideas – Sharing Educational Innovation (Shift 2015)

Over 140 staff and students from the across the university attended Shift 2015: Sparking Ideas – Sharing Educational Innovation organised by the Teaching Fellow Network. More than 30 colleagues presented two themed sessions, Lighting the fire and fanning the flames of inspiration and Integrating the personal with the professional to inform our teaching and learning. The conference was organised… Continue reading

Flipping the Institution: Higher Education in the Post Digital Age (APT Conference 2015)

Olympus Photography Playground Berlin - photo by Peter Ulrich

This year’s APT (Academic Practice and Technology) conference is entitled “Flipping the Institution: Higher Education in the Post Digital Age” and will take place on the Tuesday 7th July 2015 on the world heritage campus at the University of Greenwich. From the conference website: Main image: CC-BY-NC-SA Peter Ulrich, via Flickr Continue reading

Flipped classrooms at the University of Greenwich: our lecturers discuss

Ah this flipping flip again …  Since Colorado Science teachers Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams sparked excitement and discussions around the flipped classroom in K-12 Education, many educators have pointed out that a similar method has been practised for years at universities, mainly by business, law and humanities, when students… Continue reading