Blended learning and student satisfaction

Because of the pandemic, the blended learning model with a mix of online and on campus provision was adopted as the main teaching and learning approach for the first term in Sept 2020 in the UK HE sector (UOG, 2020). Although there are some surveys (e.g., Lapworth (2020)) which investigate… Continue reading

Recap: Link, Learn and Like

How learners learn and how to optimise that learning process are issues of interest to both learners and educators. According to the model of learning process of students introduced by Yang et al. (2019), the learning process of students starts from the sensory input in a classroom to the working memory and… Continue reading

Using films in teaching business subjects to GenZ: A case study from Vietnam

Recently when I joined academia to teach business subjects in Vietnam, I faced challenges in explaining complex theories or concepts in disciplines such as change management and organizational behaviour to undergraduate students with a lack of work experience. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the university invited guest speakers and organized company… Continue reading

A Case study on the use of a Student Focus Group to Enhance the Student Learning Experience

In this blog, I share how I organised a student focus group to enhance the learning experience for a second-year module on quantitative methods. This was a compulsory module for Undergraduate Economics students that ran for a double term with a class size of 99 students.   Due to covid restrictions, in term 1, the module consisted… Continue reading

Preparing teachers for teaching in hybrid virtual classrooms

Introduction The Covid-19 pandemic challenged Higher Education Institutions to offer innovative educational practices. Within a HEI in the east of The Netherlands, approximately 70% of the part-time bachelor students articulated the need for onsite education throughout the lockdown of 2020. As such within the Covid-19 limitations offering onsite courses to… Continue reading

A reflection on using different pedagogical approaches to teaching practical marketing experiences online

Imagine every class you have ever taught was in person and you had never taught online. You had no idea what to expect with blended learning let alone completely online teaching. You wanted to create an interactive learning environment for all your students but wasn’t sure which method to turn to. I think all of us felt… Continue reading

Enhancing Employability: A Student-led Project using LinkedIn

Why ViewPoints?  April 2020 was a time when the whole world was still trying to deal with the shock of a global pandemic. The lives of everyone were turned upside down and university students were no exception. For almost all students who were entering their summer term of studies, the… Continue reading

Hyflex Teaching Experiences at the University of Greenwich

This blog will share an interview I had with two colleagues from the Faculty of Education, Health & Human Sciences: Lee Jagodzinski (Academic Lead for Simulation) and Charles Everard (Clinical Skills/Technical Learning Resources Manager). Both Lee and Charles have extensive experience of delivering Hyflex teaching to Health Science students based on… Continue reading

Using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) Studio as a virtual webcam – a basic setup tutorial to overcome technical restrictions in MS Teams and Panopto

This software will be of interest to teaching staff who are already confident users of MS Teams and Panopto. A full list of the University’s essential, supported and approved tools is available here. Moving our teaching online has ushered in a wide range of changes to how we deliver our… Continue reading

Mentimeter: Empowering presenters and students in online teaching

We have recently seen the number of users of Mentimeter breach the 1,000 mark. That the numbers of colleagues (and students) creating presentations is still increasing is testament, we believe, to the flexibility of Mentimeter as a tool to support engagement and indeed empowerment even where teaching has been increasingly… Continue reading