SOUND/IMAGE hosts concerts of electroacoustic and acousmatic works, bringing together the worlds of contemporary electronic music and experimental audiovisual practice . These works explore the potentials of audio to construct sonic images.

Below are details of works featured in previous events.

SOUND/IMAGE19 – Images from the weekend!

Thank you to everyone who came to be a part of #soundimage19! It was a weekend full of concerts, talks, screenings, performances unpacking the audiovisual and sharing ideas! We had a really fantastic programme, with guests visiting us from all over the world. Below are some of the images from the weekend.


Full Programme Released for SOUND/IMAGE19

We’re excited to release our full programme for this weekend. And exciting array of talks, performances, concerts, screenings and installations. Book your place via Eventbrite. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAMME

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Footprints of Creatures

Ulf A. S. Holbrook, Université de Montréal An impulse is a signal which is entirely zero apart from a short spike of an arbitrary shape. Footprints of creatures is a journey into a terrain consisting of multitudes of small impulses, bent and shaped through networks of delays and filters. Although the sound materials are of …


Voish of Magic

Véro Marengère, Université de Montréal A composition in which air-related sounds like breath, insecticide pulveriser, swords being swung, pan flute made of recycled straws and horse’s whinnies dances with modular synthesis and melodies inspired by Messiaen. It tells a story, it tells a story so much that you can almost see the sounds. You can see …


tried calling, Mx and Un-(Synthetic Hair)

Harry Gorski-Brown, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Un-(Synthetic Hair) is a trio of violin, cello and double bass. Using recording of improvisations, the material throughout the piece becomes gradually more processed, allowing for the exploration of resonant acoustic instruments within an entirely flexible electronic sound world. tried calling, Mx uses material recorded from a few days …


Rewind (2019)

Pete Stollery, University of Aberdeen Rewind looks back over a 40-year association with the studios at the University of Birmingham, both as undergraduate/postgraduate student in the early days of BEAST through to undergraduate/postgraduate external examiner. A lot has changed, and some of it can be heard in this piece, including sounds/extracts of pieces made in …


Dolce tormento

Einike Leppik, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre The name of the composition is referring to the madrigal Sì dolce è’l tormento by Claudio Monteverdi. The composing process started with one short sample I cut from the recording of this madrigal. Later on the general ideal developed and moved far from Monteverdi, but the concept of something …



Neil O Connor, University of Limerick Erstwhile was composed using SPEAR – an application for audio analysis, editing and synthesis. It works in the following way – an analysis procedure represents a sound with many individual sinusoidal tracks (partials). This analysis is then time stretched, processed and spatialized. This process helped me to alternate density …


First Rituals

David Holland, DMU In this piece I wanted to explore the relationship between the sounds of ordinary or ‘miscellaneous’ rituals and routines (represented by objects such as pans and a wine bottle) and ‘sacred’ rituals (represented by objects such as a prayer bowl). I was interested in how these everyday sounds can transcend their origins …



Paula García Stone, Independent Artist I aim to make compositions that place us in a situation or state of mind. The sounds, although mostly abstracted, may reference occurrences in life, living in our bodies and in this world. I use my own field recordings, medical diagnostic sound, electronic abstractions and processing. This is a multitrack …



Heloise Tunstall-Behrens, Trinity Laban Conservatoire Through ‘Petroglyph’, Heloise Tunstall-Behrens investigates myths surrounding Paleolithic stone carvings, inspired by Gobustan National Park in Azerbaijan.  The piece continues her interest in vocal writing, which began with an experimental opera, ’The Swarm’ written about honey bees.  The piece contains vocals from herself and Franziska Boehm, which are combined in …


Tempus fugit

Paolo Pastorino, Independent Artist Sed fugit interea, fugit irreparabile tempus, with this phrase Virgilio describes the temporal condition to which the man is subjected. It is a phrase that comes from a context of life very different from that of modern man but still calls a very delicate question as interesting and current, life as …


Annette Vande Gorne

SOUND/IMAGE19 – Special Guest Concert Programme Haiku: Spring, Summer, Winter Tao – Terre Biography Annette Vande Gorne can be heard in concert (more than 500) in many European countries, as well as Canada, China and South America, presenting repertory works of acousmatics in addition to her own works, usually on a 80-loudspeaker acousmonium. …


SOUND/IMAGE19 Special Guests Announced!

We are delighted to announced the very special guests who will be joining us for SOUND/IMAGE19. Annette Vande Gorne Annette Vande Gorne can be heard in concert (more than 500) in many European countries, as well as Canada, China and South America, presenting repertory works of acousmatics in addition to her own works, usually on …