25/02: Interrogating the Noise: Gallery Sound

Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert Series

Venue: Stephen Lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich

Date: 25 February 2023

Time: 7pm

Entry: £5, booking is required

A cacophony of rhythmic stutters polarising with brutal deep bass – a performance / installation and interrogation of the artists and gallery space will take place. The gallery is White and the sound is Black corroding noise from the tapestry of Dirty Electronics and abrasive harsh noise, and penetrating glitches of Dushume.

Dushume and Dirty Electronics collaborate and perform with hardware mash-ups and speculative sound circuits, creating work on the fluid Studio Bench: a space where making circuits and performance co-exist. Their “makes” results in a series of short episodic absurd pieces that explores DIYness and Noise.

The performance forms part of the Noise III Exhibition running from the 25 February – 26 March 2023 in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery.