Audiovisual Space: Recontextualising Sound Image Media

An AHRC Funded Project which aims to investigate if spatial thinking can provide new understandings of the audiovisual

Audiovisual Space: Recontextualising Sound-Image Media, is an AHRC Funded Leadership Fellowship project led by Dr Andrew Knight-Hill, which aims to investigate if spatial thinking can provide new understandings of the audiovisual.

The project engages a combination of ethnographic interviews with award winning Sound Design professionals, creative practice research, and research networking activities, to unpack understandings of practice and reveal the potential role that spatial thinking plays within audiovisual creativity.

Research Development Network

Bringing together researchers from across the arts and humanities to share disciplinary perspectives on spatiality, stimulate international interdisciplinary collaboration and foster new research agendas on spatiality in the audiovisual.

Film Industry Events

A series of public events (hosted in collaboration with the Association of Motion Picture Sound) inviting academics and creative practitioners to share spatial concepts and spatial approaches in practice to industry audiences and publics.

Sound Designer / Composer Interviews

Bringing together world-leading industry professionals in sound design and composition with academics and sound artists, to critique and reflect upon each others work and the role of spatiality within it.

Creative Practice / Compositions

Sound & audiovisual compositions will apply and critique spatial concepts in context, underpinning theoretical research, while affording unique dissemination opportunities.

SOUND/IMAGE Festival 2022 & 2023

An international interdisciplinary conference at project culmination (a special edition of SOUND/IMAGE) – Bringing together researchers, artists and industry practitioners from all over the world to engage discussion, inspire creativity and foster international collaborative potentials for ongoing and future research.

Edited Volume: Art of Sound

Bringing together a diverse group of world leading professionals across Post-Production Film Sound and Electroacoustic Music, Art of Sound explores the creative principles that underpin how sonic practitioners act to compose, tell stories, make us feel, and communicate via sound.

Key Researchers

Project Partners