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Full Programme Released for SOUND/IMAGE19

We’re excited to release our full programme for this weekend. And exciting array of talks, performances, concerts, screenings and installations. Book your place via Eventbrite. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAMME

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Sound & Image: Aesthetics and Practices

Edited Volume – AVAILABLE JUNE 2020 Sound and Image: Aesthetics and Practices brings together international artist scholars to explore diverse sound and image practices, applying critical perspectives to interrogate and evaluate both the aesthetics and practices that underpin the audiovisual. Contributions draw upon established discourses in electroacoustic music, media art history, film studies, critical theory …


Greenwich SOUND/IMAGE Festival 2020 – Announced

We’re excited to announce the programme for the 2020 Greenwich SOUND/IMAGE festival! Presenting a series of exhibitions, workshops, talks and activities showcasing leading audio-visual art that investigates relationships between sound and image. Featuring: Peter Adjaye Mhairi Vari Poulomi Usurp Desai​ Dushume School of Noise Jim Hobbs Museum of Walking Artists and Contributors to Sound & Image: …


SOUND/IMAGE19 – Images from the weekend!

Thank you to everyone who came to be a part of #soundimage19! It was a weekend full of concerts, talks, screenings, performances unpacking the audiovisual and sharing ideas! We had a really fantastic programme, with guests visiting us from all over the world. Below are some of the images from the weekend.



Feliciano Chiriaco, Conservatory U. Giordano (Foggia) “Vacuus” is an acusmatic composition on a fixed support that describes the movement of the bodies in an empty space.  The meaning of “Vacuus”, the Latin word, is in fact “Empty”, which identifies itself in the structure in the low frequencies and in the dark sounds, in the space …


Phoenix and Firewhip

Seth Shafer, University of Nebraska, Omaha South of the equatorial plane, near the great Cleft scarring the continent called Aquila (named after its eagle-shaped form), lies an unusual biome that has evolved to generate and survive great discharges of energy and fire. The forest is dominated by tesla trees, which under certain meteorological conditions, violently …



Ricardo Dal Farra, Concordia University The meaning of life. The meaning of the things we do. The direction in which we move… where we are going. Complications and complexities that are smoothed out with the passing, in one way or another, for the good, for the bad sometimes. Time is a fiction that surprises us. …


Banlieue cuivrée

Nicola Fumo Frattegiani, Conservatory of Music of Frosinone Banlieue cuivrée. Suburb brass. Crumbled concrete. The matter fragmentation, its chaos and energy, counterpoised to its implacable, pure and monolithic immobility. The cement shifted through the metal and the leather. The expression “banlieue cuivrée” comes from the will to represent the life of a cement magma with …


Quatre machines pour sauver le monde

Léa Boudreau, Université de Montréal In January 2019, young students from Jean-Baptiste-Meilleur elementary school in Montréal took part in a little brainstorm: to imagine fantastic machines under the theme «Quatre machines pour sauver le monde» (Four machines to save the world). No limit, no other instruction, all ideas were welcomed. Based on their suggestions, I …


Ragam Bunyi

Fahmi Mursyid, ITENAS This acousmatic composition is about my re-interpretation of Indonesia music instruments (gamelan, bonang, saron, karinding, and sundanese flute) specific in West Java in minimalist direction. All sounds recorded by only one mic condensor and to computer-based digital signal processing for manipulation the raw materials in micro sampling, granular synthesis, change the pitch/octave, …


Abstracted Objects

Emma Margetson, University of Birmingham …coins …foil …metal pan …cellophane …bubblewrap …noise A collection of found sound objects originally explored in a hands-on creative workshop exploring sound, object and mark making at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts. The recorded found sound objects from this workshop were repurposed for this eight-channel composition, Abstracted Objects. Biography Emma Margetson is an award-winning acousmatic composer and …


Pied de vent

David Arango Valencia, Université de Montréal Je connais pas les mots pour dire cela… I do not know the words to say this… Biography David Arango Valencia is a composer from Montreal interested in acousmatic and visual music, electronic music and soundscapes, mixing various mediums that can express meaningful and immersive experiences.David has studied composition …