About Us

We host regular public events, exhibitions and festivals in Greenwich, engaging with both local and international communities, presenting our leading research to global audiences.


The SOUND/IMAGE Research Centre is one of the most active clusters in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Using practice as a tool of critical enquiry, we investigate the possibilities available to create new aesthetic experiences through a range of sonic and audiovisual media technologies.

Our primary goals are:

  • To deliver world leading research in sound and audiovisual practice.
  • To effect change that increases diversity and opens access to contemporary electronic arts.
  • Foster new research talent within a constructive, collaborative, community.
  • Promote practice research methods as tools for novel understanding and critical analysis.

Major Research Themes

Exploring both the relationships between sound and the moving image, and the images which sound construct on their own, we are engaged in a wide range of international projects with high profile collaborative partners.

Our vision is to enrich lives locally, nationally and internationally.

Through our outputs we:  

  • Develop new and inclusive experiences, forms of expression, and ways of bringing people together with new technologies to better understand and connect with one another and the environment.  
  • Create innovative training resources for research and work in emerging and growing areas of music, immersive media, and digital heritage, addressing the gap in this area and increasing skills in the workforce by providing cutting-edge, accessible, evidence-based guidance for professional practice. 
  • Provide robust critical reflection upon new immersive and virtual technologies via an arts and humanities frame, generating world-leading insight and reducing barriers for access.  
  • Explore the liminal spaces of liveness/pre-recorded media, real/virtual spaces and the potential of new immersive technologies, applying practice research methods from triangulated perspectives to explore emergent potentials. 

We strive to make progressive contributions to the contemporary electronic art landscape, challenging established knowledge and seeking to enrich the worlds of contemporary sound and audiovisual media.