Research Themes

Heritage and Place

Exploring place and memory, our research seeks to better understand the spaces we inhabit and how processes of audio recording, sound design, photogrammetry, LIDAR digital capture and reconstruction can reveal new insights about where we are and how we identify with both natural spaces and the built environment.

Communities and Cultural Access

We believe that musics are made to be heard and participated in. We are engaged in a range of research activities which promote and support this ethos, seeking to help promote increasingly diverse representation within and across genres and practices and to engage new audiences. 

Spatial Aesthetics and Immersive Environments

Via access to the latest technologies for sound and image, our research explores the potential in constructing, and articulating enveloping media environments. Our experience of the world is fundamentally spatial, but so often in history the multidimensional has been collapsed into more simplisitic two dimensional fields. We explore Spatial Audio, Multi-channel composition, 360º video projection, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Game Engines and performance.

Expanded Cinemas

Pushing the boundaries of cinema and film practices, expanded cinemas research explores the potential of the projected moving image across diverse formats and in a wide range of presentation contexts including live audiovisual performance, sculptural film installations, projection mapping, 360º video and VR environments.

Sonic Phenemenologies

Sonic phenomenologies studies how we experience sound. Our research questions how sound influences our experiences, how sound communicates and what it means to us. Our work explores soundscapes of the everyday (those in the world around us), as well as sounds within music, art and cinema.