Film Industry Events

Nina Hartstone – Dialogue and Vocal Performances for Film

SOUND/IMAGE 22 Festival – Keynote

Saturday 19 November 2022, 1.30-2.30pm

In this talk, we will explore the techniques used for recording and editing dialogue and vocal performances for film. The human voice is a versatile and emotive instrument and is one of the most familiar sounds in our auditory world. As such, our brains are highly tuned to identifying any kind of synthetic manipulation to speech patterns or inauthentic performances. As a Supervising Sound Editor in feature film, specialising in the realm of dialogue and ADR, I have spent close to 30 years working with voice and performance to maintain the suspension of disbelief and deliver authentic and affecting performances to film narratives, enabling the viewer to fully immerse themselves in the storytelling of every piece. All great sound, whether using the voice or other objects or spaces, starts with the perfect recording! We will look at different ways to record the voice, matching to visuals, vocals for music and using voice work as vocal effects. Editing voice performances for film requires precision and technique, as well as an awareness and understanding of narrative, character and emotional development. It requires skills in many different disciplines beyond proficiencies in sound recording and editing. As the backbone of most films, my work with dialogue often sees me jump between different roles: performance, direction, scriptwriting, film editing, even into the realms of psychology… as well as the crucial aspect of understanding and supporting the overall arc of the story. We will discuss all these elements in this talk – from the technical aspects of sound recording and editing, to the creative challenges of collaboration, performance and storytelling.

George Vlad – Sound recording fieldcraft

SOUND/IMAGE 22 Festival – Keynote

Sunday 20 November 2022, 1.30-2.30pm

Have you ever wondered where sounds you hear in media come from? George Vlad has recorded for numerous video games, films, podcasts, TV series and more. Join him as he discusses his work capturing pristine nature and rare wildlife sounds in rainforests, deserts, polar regions, at sea, around volcanoes or underwater. He will describe practical aspects of working in the field, keeping yourself and your equipment alive, managing data, remaining sane on sound recording expeditions.

“The Expressive Voice” / w. Nina Hartstone & Trevor Wishart

SOUND/IMAGE 22 Festival – Workshop

Saturday 19 November 2022, 10am-6pm

Expanding your creative insight into the articulation of the human voice. This unique two-part workshop brings together two world leading specialists in working creatively with the human voice.

In the morning session, Trevor Wishart will lead a workshop on vocal articulation and extended vocal techniques. You’ll create and articulate expressive sounds giving tactile and tangible understanding of the range and power of vocal expression.

In the afternoon session, Nina Hartstone provides insights on her approaches to dialogue editing and the creative choices she makes to sculpt the human voice and vocal articulations to powerful cinematic effect.

“Location Sound and Place” / w. George Vlad and KMRU

SOUND/IMAGE 22 Festival – Workshop

Saturday 19 November 2022, 10am-6pm

Exploring our human relationship with space and place, this two-part workshop led by international artists George Vlad and KMRU, is ideal for those with a passion for sound recording and soundscape. In this workshop you will gain skills and insight from the complementary practices of these international artists. Ideal for location sound professionals, sound recordists, soundscape composers and those with an interest in collecting and using field recordings within their work.

In the morning session you will take part in sound recording and listening activities in and around Greenwich, building up skills in listening, attentiveness to place and sensitive microphone placement.

In the afternoon we will return to the sound lab, listen back to materials captured and discuss the approaches and techniques applied in the morning session.