26/10: Reconfiguring the Landscape

Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert Series

with NMH Oslo and IRCAM Paris

Venue: Greenwich Market, London, SE10 9HZ

Date: 26 October 2022

Time: 7pm

Entry: £5, booking is required

“Reconfiguring the Landscape” is an international collaborative partnership which investigates how 3-D electroacoustic composition and sound-art can evoke and provoke a new awareness of our outdoor environment via four complementary strands – Layering, Enhancing, Relocating, Modifying.

Led by Prof. Natasha Barrett (Norwegian Music Academy, Oslo) in partnership with Dr. Nadine Shchütz (ETH Zurich, IRCAM Paris) and Dr. Andrew Knight-Hill (SOUND/IMAGE Research Centre, University of Greenwich) the project explores the creative potentials of working with technology which can capture, analyse and synthesise 3-D sound spaces.

Higher-order ambisonics offers access to the precision of our spatial hearing, such that electroacoustic composition now has the potential to address, and be enriched by, the full dimensionality of the sonic landscape.