Avery Hill Edible Garden


The Avery Hill Edible Garden was started in 2012 and over three years has grown and grown! It is run by staff, students and community members and is always open to new people who want to get involved.

The Edible Garden is made up of traditional growing raised beds, a poly-tunnel, a forest garden and an orchard. All volunteers get a share of the produce and any money made from selling what we grow goes back into the garden’s seed fund!

Did you know: Avery Hill Edible Garden is supporting Goal Number 2 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more here.


The garden is not just about growing however, it is also a good place to get outside and meet new people whether you like gardening or not.

We meet every Wednesday between 12noon – 2pm so this is good time to come along if you are new to the Edible Garden. However, the garden is open all day every day for those who want to garden rain or shine!

If you’d like to join the Community Garden  Group then email edible-garden@greenwich.ac.uk and we can add you to our email list and Yammer Group. If you are super keen and would like to join the Garden Committee contact Julian Murphy (j.m.murphy@gre.ac.uk)

The Forest Garden pond is nearing completion of ground works. Have a look when you can.

For more information please email edible-garden@greenwich.ac.uk.

This project is funded through the University’s sustainability budget, where the staff and student volunteers can develop and submit ideas for funding that encourages food growing that is considerate to nature and healthy eating.

For information to assist with guidance for volunteers using the garden including what it is, how it is used and managed, training to avoid injury and to ensure your own safety please review this document: Garden Induction and Emergency Procedures 300317

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