Sound Design – BA (hons)

Discover Sound Design BA (hons), an undergraduate programme at the University of Greenwich, London.

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What is this programme about?

Blurring the distinction between sound and music, this course explores the possibilities of working with all sound, equipping students with the skills to work creatively in a range of contexts (including: film, television, computer games, music production, radio, advertising, theatre, animation, product design, museums, acoustics, sonic art and contemporary music).

With emphasis on creative practice and critical thinking, the programme will expand your skills in recording, understanding, editing, critiquing, generating and composing sound.

Music technology provides us with the tools to access, generate and configure sounds. Sound Design applies these tools in creative and innovative ways.

Sara Pinheiro performs on the Loudspeker Orchestra as part of Sound / Image 2015.
Sara Pinhero performs on the Loudspeker Orchestra as part of Sound / Image 2015.


KISS Fm Visited Greenwich to learn more about Sound Design.

Programme aims

The aims of the programme are:

  • To equip students with the techniques and skills to work innovatively with sound through digital and post-digital technologies.
  • To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of 20th and 21st century developments in audio practice.
  • To prepare students to work collaboratively, applying their knowledge of sound to creative projects within a diverse and dynamically changing sector.
  • To enable students to reflect critically on their own practice, in order to drive their creative development.
Alo Allik performs at Sound / Image 2015
Alo Allik performs at Sound / Image 2015

The Department

The Sound Design programme is within the department of Creative Professions and Digital Arts (CPDA) based in our award-winning Stockwell Street building in the centre of Greenwich.  CPDA is an interdisciplinary community of students, world leading academics, creative practitioners and industry professionals.

CPDA Logos

CPDA students get to work on a varied and interesting range of projects using state-of-the-art facilities at Stockwell Street and the nearby Old Royal Naval College. The broad range of activities within the department gives students the opportunity to collaborate across programmes and to take advantage of the diversity of staff specialisms, helping them to develop a broad understanding of the creative arts and professions.

Click HERE for more information about the department.

Students perform their Sound Design work on the Loudspeaker Orchestra.Students perform their Sound Design work on the Loudspeaker Orchestra.

Rehearsals for a Sound Design concert as part of NOISE 2015.
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