19/20 Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert Series

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Loudspeaker Concert Series 2019/20. This year we welcome: Simon Atkinson, Groupe de Recherches Musicales (GRM), Annette Vande Gorne, Gerriet K. Sharma and Angela McArthur, Explore Ensemble, Lydia Kavina and Maison des Arts Sonores.

Tickets are available through our events page, please do book in advance to avoid disappointment!

What is the Loudspeaker Orchestra?

The Loudspeaker Orchestra presents immersive acoustic experiences through programmed concerts of multichannel sound design, sonic art and electroacoustic music. 

Our 19/20 concert series celebrates European community through contemporary music, welcoming leading international artists to present their work in the historic musical church of St Alfege in Greenwich. 


16 October – Simon Atkinson: Night Music [UK]

6 November – INA / GRM: Groupe de Recherches Musicales [FR]

9 November – Annette Vande Gorne [BE]

9/10 November – SOUND/IMAGE conference*

4 December – Gerriet K. Scharma & Angela McArthur – IKO Project [DE]

28 January – Explore Ensemble [UK]

19 February – Theremin Centenary Concert w. Lydia Kavina [RU]

18 March – Maison des Arts Sonores [FR]

Concerts Start – 7pm  St Alfege Church, Greenwich SE10 9BJ
*SOUND/IMAGEConference Start – 10am11 Stockwell Street, SE10 9BD


4 Replies to “19/20 Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert Series”

  1. Hi

    I’m interested in your concert of GRM music on 6 November, but the website has no details of the music to be performed. Please could you let me know which pieces you will be performing/diffusing?
    many thanks

    1. Hi Philip,
      Thank you for your interest! The pieces being performed are:
      Iannis Xenakis – Orient-Occident (1960) 11’
      François Bayle – Trois rêves d’oiseau (1963-1971) 9’48
      Beatriz Ferreyra – Médisances (1968-69) 7’
      Bernard Parmegiani – Point contre champs, issu de De Natura Sonorum (1975) 8’31


      Ivo Malec – Luminétudes (1978) 12′
      Luc Ferrari – Presque rien avec filles (1989) 14′
      François Bonnet – Étude spectrale (2018) 9′
      Michelle Bokanowski – Rhapsodia (2018) 17′

      There is some more information on our facebook page as well: https://www.facebook.com/events/505165546946677/?active_tab=discussion

  2. Hi,
    I’m interested by these performances but I would like to know a bit more about the seating arrangements and the venue. Any details would help. Are there any photographs of a concert? How are the chairs positioned? How much space between the chairs? What is the capacity of the venue? How many and what types of speakers? How loud is the performance? Is it lit? Etc etc.
    Sorry to ask so many questions.
    Thank you for any info.

    1. Hello Anthony. These performances take place in the historic St Alfege church. Seating is arranged in pews, the audience sit on the ground floor and are surrounded by the loudspeakers. The goal of including many speakers is not to create high volumes but to allow us to move the sounds around the space and create an immersive sonic field. We have been delighted to welcome over 175 people to our concerts this year and we look forward to welcoming you in the next season.

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