Studio Three

Sound Studio Three has been designed as a professional surround sound studio for the purpose of mixing, editing and recording sound and music for use in audio and visual work undertaken as part of university studies. It is a facility for use by students on courses in Creative Professions and Digital Arts.

It has a live room for recording ADR, Foley, Voice, Instruments and an acoustically treated main studio for mixing and mastering. It contains an extensive array of software instruments as well as our Analogue synthesisers and an ever growing collection of Foley props.


Mac Pro Computer – Rack mounted.
Pro Tools HDX
AVID C24 Control Surface.
Sub Phatty (analogue synthesiser).
Dreadbox Erebus (analogue synthesiser).
Dreadbox Hades (analogue synthesiser).
1032 Genelec Studio Monitors (stereo).
8030 Genelec Speakers (5.1 surround).
Earthworks 1022 Pre Amp
API 3124 Pre Amp
96 Channel Neutrik Bantam Patchbay
Oxygen 88 Weighted Keyboard
AKAI Max49 Keyboard controller.
Foley Boxes.
Technics Turntables.
Scarlett 6i6 (additional / system sound).
Microphones and cables (Røde NT2a, Røde NT55, Sennheiser MHK416).
DT100 Headphones.


Pro Tools HD
Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate (instrument)
Arturia V Collection (instrument)
Izotope RX4 Advanced
Adobe Audition
Waves Gold (plugin)
Altiverb 7 XL(plugin)
Sound Toys (plugin)
Max/MSP 7
Sound Particles
DMG – Equality, EQuick, Compassion (plugin)
AIR Instruments (plugin)
Revereberate (plugin)
SIR2 (plugin)
Paul Stretch

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