Barry Truax – Concert 4th December (plus Student Talk and Tutorials)

On the 4th December we were delighted to welcome Barry Truax to present an an extended concert as part of our Loudspeaker Orchestra concert series.

Lucky Sound Design students were also able to book up for one-to-one tutorials with Barry providing insights and advice on their compositional projects.


Barry Truax is a composer of soundscape and context-based music best known for his work with the PODX computer music system which he has used for tape solo works and those which combine tape with live performers or computer graphics.

He worked with the World Soundscape Project, editing its Handbook for Acoustic Ecology, and has published a book Acoustic Communication dealing with all aspects of sound and technology.

Professor Emeritus in the School of Communication and (formerly) the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, Barry taught courses in acoustic communication and electroacoustic composition, specializing in soundscape composition.


This event was so popular that it sold out months in advance and guests had to stand in the gallery! We hope that Barry will be able to visit us again soon as there is clear demand for him and his music in Greenwich.


The Loudspeaker Orchestra presents immersive acoustic experiences through programmed concerts of multichannel sound design, sonic art and electroacoustic music. Regular concerts, featuring work by international artists alongside students of Sound Design, take place in and around Greenwich.


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