Immersive Hyperreal Soundscapes – w. Paula Fairfield & Brona Martin

On the 24th and 31st July 2019 in Highgate we put on diverse programmes of soundscape and electronic music presented in the Immersive Hyperreal Sound technology of L-ISA Ocean by L-Acoustics.

Go behind the scenes to find out more in the following short documentary films:

Learning about our successful Loudspeaker Orchestra concerts series, innovative audio manufacturer L-Acoustics approached Sound Design at Greenwich to curate a series of loudspeaker concerts utilising the new L-ISA Ocean technology installed at their Highgate Studio.

Support from the Higher Education Investment Fund through the University of Greenwich enabled the commission and development of new works by world leading Sound Designer Paula Fairfield (Game of Thrones, The River, LOST) and electroacoustic composer Brona Martin as well as from Sound Design at Greenwich composers Mateo Monje-Shefford, Walter Baccoli, Jerry Dewing, Jodie Clarke-Mattis and Andrew Knight-Hill.

The works presented explore the possibilities inherent in the 24 channel L-ISA Ocean System, engaging space as a key compositional parameter, to immerse and envelop audiences in rich new worlds of sound.

These concerts of electronic, electroacoustic, soundscapes are FREE but spaces are LIMITED, thus booking is essential.


Paula Fairfield is an International and Emmy award winning sound designer for tv, film, commercials, and basically anything that makes noise. She has eight Emmy nominations with one win for her work on Game of Thrones, along with multiple wins and nominations for her work in both The US and Canada. During her career she has had the privilege of working on tv projects such as the iconic LOST and visionary filmmakers like Robert Rodriguez, Brian DePalma, Paul McGuigan and Darren Aronofsky.


Brona Martin is an Electroacoustic composer and sound artist from Banagher, Co. Offaly, Ireland. Her work deals with questions of narrative in Electroacoustic music, soundscape composition, acoustic ecology and spatialisation. She composes acousmatic works in a variety of spatial audio formats (stereo, 5.1 and 8-channel), which feature the creative exploration of soundscapes from Ireland, Manchester, East Coast Australia, Spain and Germany.

Her works have been performed internationally at EMS, ACMC, ICMC, NYCEMF, ISSTA, ZKM, BEAST, Balance/Unbalance, SSSP, iFIMPaC, Sonorities and MANTIS.


Sound Design at Greenwich is committed to introducing new audiences to diverse sonic practices. Its popular public concert series presents regular events featuring world leading electroacoustic music practitioners, the annual SOUND/IMAGE conference explores audiovisual practices, while its lecture series welcomes top industry professionals working in Post-Production sound.

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