SCAN SURVEY: Brunel Museum

  • 25-07-23 : 14.00 : Mostly Sunny
  • Leica BLK2GO SLAM Scanner / Emesent Hovermap ST with GoPro
  • Multiple scans / 60  minutes
  • Rendered with 3DS Max / V-Ray, Emesent Aura
  • Visit: Brunel Museum -Thames Tunnel

The Brunel Museum tunnel, also known as the Thames Tunnel, is a museum in Rotherhithe, SE London, consisting of the engine room and the shaft down to the tunnel.

Built by Marc Brunel and his son Isambard Kingdom Brunel, The Thames Tunnel was the world’s first underwater tunnel for pedestrians. When the tunnel opened in 1843, it was hailed as the 8th Wonder of The World.

By employing a pioneering tunnelling shield and other novel techniques, the Brunels encountered waterlogged ground, fires, and the ever-present threat of the River Thames above. Their success paved the way for future underwater tunnels and underground transportation systems.

The shaft is now sealed over, as the tunnel is now used by Overground trains – though the trains travelling between Rotherhithe and Wapping stations can still be felt and heard.

These two images illustrate the approximate location of the the train tunnels below the shaft seal.

Animation of Ortho camera descending through the site