The Project

The model is an onion of many layers. It has at its core an inviolate digital model of absolute spatial veracity and credibility. This credibility is fundamental to the project. If there are any doubts about this model the whole project becomes pointless and of no use to anyone except the superficial and they have Pinterest already.

The next two layers are equally inviolate. The first is of photographs, film and sound that amplify the core model. The second is the ethnographic and social layer. These two layers have interpretive and subjective qualities, they are authored. The core and these two layers will have limited and supervised access for modification to preserve the academic utility and credibility of the whole project. Wrapping these are many layers that can be used and modified widely, added to, turned on and off. For example one layer may be used for student projects based on the core model – the core model which can be seen and used but never modified – or for community projects.

For whatever anyone can think to do with it. These layers will access instances of the core layers rather than the layers themselves.

The model, or parts of it, should be accessible to anyone. Layers of the model should be perpetually mutable and unpredictable with a core that sustains the integrity and authenticity of the entire model.