Categories of Submission

Sound & Music Works  

Electronic and sound-based works for Multichannel Concert Presentation from stereo diffusion to spatial audio. 

Styles may include: acousmatic compositions, ambient, drone, electronica, electroacoustic music, experimental electronica, glitch, musique concréte, noise, sound design, soundscape.  

We are able to support a wide range of audio formats but, please note, if your work requires performers, you will be required to provide them.  

Audiovisual Works 

Audiovisual works exploring the relationships between sound and moving image.  

Styles may include: Experimental Film, Expanded Cinema, Interactive Games Environments, Visual Music, VR, XR. 

We are able to support a wide range of visual and audio formats (see below). 

Live Performances 

AV performances, live sound performances, XR performances, and other formats of interactive presentations. 


We invite sound artists, fine artists, audiovisual artists, immersive VR, AR, XR content artists to submit proposals for installations and gallery exhibition.  

Installations will be presented in the Stephen Lawrence Gallery in the Stockwell Street Building:   


Submissions which discuss creativity and creative practice in relation to mediated spaces and immersion on the following topics including, but not limited to:  

  • Audio-visual Composition;  
  • Visual Music;  
  • Acousmatic Composition;  
  • Audio-visual Performance;  
  • Sound and Image Relationships;  
  • the Sonic Image;  
  • Practice-Research Methods;  
  • Immersion 
  • Mediated Spaces 
  • Expanded Cinema 
  • Communities and Cultural Access 
  • Perception of Sound;  
  • Embodiment & tactility;  
  • Impressions of space and place. 

Workshops / Practical Demonstrations  

We invite proposals for workshops and practical demonstrations which engage audiences in active participation. Topics might include, training and skills development activities, participatory artwork demonstrations, listening labs, soundwalks or introductions to new platforms, formats, tools or technologies.