Contemplations Album Launch

Contemplations is the launch of Acousmatic Composer and Sound Artist, Emma Margetson’s new album with Empreintes DigitalesContemplations’.

The performance will be held at the University’s new Digital Immersive Theatre space, at Bathway, which consists of a brand-new 36.2 genelec surround sound system.

Attendees will listen to a range of 3D spatial compositions composed for multichannel and ambisonic formats during an evening of music composed over the past decade charting a prolonged engagement with the medium of sound.

The passing of time remains an important focus within the album. Throughout, sound stands on the edge of the abyss of being; it is evanescent, a temporal fading that passes just as it arrives.

Date: Wednesday 20 March 2024

Time: 7pm

Title: Contemplations

Concert Series: Loudspeaker Orchestra 23/24

Venue: Bathway Theatre, University of Greenwich, London, SE18 6QX

Link for tickets here

Link to CD here