Reconfiguring the Landscape

(Norwegian Artistic Research Project) 

‘Reconfiguring the Landscape’ is a three-year Norwegian Artistic Research Project hosted at the Norwegian Academy for Music in Oslo with international collaborators across Europe (IRCAM, Paris; Univeristy of Greenwich, London; IEM, Graz; EMS, Stockholm). The project investigates how 3-D electroacoustic composition and sound-art can evoke and provoke a new awareness of outdoor sound environments. Outdoor sound environments have penetrated the materials and structures of music, sound-art, installations and architectural design. More recently our technology to capture, analyse and synthesise 3-D sound as space allows us to address the full dimensionality of the sonic landscape. 

The most important aspect of the project concerns practical artistic work. This work contains a number of modules that address installation-art, composition, noise abatement and environmental design. Much of this work will include capturing site-specific 3-D sound and other kinds of environmental sensing, and will then artistically, scientifically and technologically investigate the material and its meaning. The results will be projected in both indoor and outdoor spaces through a series of iterations that address public response, design, practice and theory.

Key Researchers and Project Partners