Save the date! Tom Stafford, University of Sheffield, Experiments in Learning

Save the date! 

Tom Stafford, University of Sheffield

Experiments in Learning

Greenwich Campus, Queen Anne 080​

January 31st 2017, 5-6pm



Tom Stafford is Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Sheffield. He is also the department’s Director of Public Engagement. His research focusses on learning and decision making, and how they interact.

Over my years working as a teacher in university I have applied insights from the cognitive science of learning and decision making to my teaching practice via hopeful experimentation on the courses I have taught. My ambition has been to use the literature on the role of feedback and active learning, in combination with new technology, to solve the dilemmas of delivering effective tutoring to larger classes. In this lecture, I reflect upon what worked and upon what didn’t, and I talk about what cognitive science has to offer teachers and teaching in universities.

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