Feliciano Chiriaco, Conservatory U. Giordano (Foggia)

“Vacuus” is an acusmatic composition on a fixed support that describes the movement of the bodies in an empty space.  The meaning of “Vacuus”, the Latin word, is in fact “Empty”, which identifies itself in the structure in the low frequencies and in the dark sounds, in the space so as to be perceived around the listener.  “Space” is the key word of the composition, in which all the elements are positioned and moved around independent orbits, which approach and move away until they collide. Then start all over again, you can hear the rotating bodies approaching. Only at the end there will be the decisive battle, the creation. Thanks to the synthesis and sampling processes the sound follows the rotation in the space created by the reverbs and the dynamic compressions. Getting lost in the void is an instinctive reaction, one loses the real perspective, and one abandons oneself to wander about. “Spinning around and getting lost in the dark vacuity, confused by the total lack of importance and feeling.”


Feliciano Chiriaco is an Italian electroacoustic music composer.  He frequents the third year of Electronic Music at the Conservatory U. Giordano of Foggia. He studied with N.Monopoli, R.Zanata, L.Gregoretti and C.Valentini.  His music has been performed on numerous occasions such as KLG Festival, NYCMEF, MUSLAB in Madrid and in Mexico City, Atemporànea Festival in Buenos Aires.  In 2017 he published “Rêve”, an audio-video installation, on the “Live” catalog, Paginaria Editions.  In 2017 he composed “Studio Rimico N.1”, for the video-installation “Upgrade My Soul” by R.C.Giannotti.  In 2017 he composed the soundtrack of “Andrea Firenze”, a film by A.Varano.  In 2018 he published “Nocna Mora” for flute and live electronics.  In 2018 he taught electronic music at the association “BeatHoven Music Academy”.  From March of 2018 he collaborates as Sound Enveloper with “Engineering Samples”.  From January of 2019 he works as Sound Engineer at “Moto Armonico” Recording Studio in Barletta.