Hye Young Sin, Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany

Time-piece is based on a six-meter-long structure of honeycomb paperboard. Dried plants, a stone, needles, erasers, wine corks, a metallic brush and cable-ties are combined with electronic devices. Those small motorized objects make subtle sounds by touching the cardboard in their different ways. Each sonic movement slowly changes by time due to a gradual decline of batteries and gains a new rhythm after the power supply changes. This sounding dynamics are contrasted by the visual linearity. 

To arrange and combine the mundane with the electronic, especially using the batteries, is inspired by the film Le Bonheur(1965) which questions individual role and social function in terms of family dynamics, as Agnes Varda, a director of the film, mentioned, “Each of us is unique but replaceable. If a woman fulfils her functions as a wife, mother, cook, and gardener, the family does well. Every woman may discover her identity, her talent and her place but she is replaceable insofar as she fulfils her social function.”   


Hye Young Sin Born 1988 in Seoul, South Korea lives and studies in Cologne, Germany 2016 – Academy of Media Arts, Cologne, Germany (Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln) 2007 – 2014 Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea / Bachelor of Arts in Information and Culture Technology / Bachelor of Arts in Consumer Science.


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