F 18W T8 G13 865

Dawid Liftiner, Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Audiovisual Performance // 12 Minutes 10 x Fluorescent tube, Arduino, relays    F 18W T8 G13 865 is a highly concentrated audio-visual performance with a self-built instrument. Through a digital interface via software, Arduino and relays, fluorescent tubes are turned on and off controlled by the performer. Only the sound and noise produced by the tubes itself are recorded and (without manipulation) amplified. The high pitch sounds from the starters, the low hum from the ballast. What you see is what you hear, and what you hear is what you see. When the tubes are turned off, the performance is finished.


Dawid Liftiner  *1986, in Austria, currently based in Cologne / Germany.  In my works I explore sensory and synaesthetic states through hand-built electronics harnessing the essential properties of light and sound across installations and performances.   Since 2018 I cooperate with the Neue Musik Ensemble ElectronicID as a light sound artist. Also, I am a co-founder with Stefan Tiefengraber of the curatorial soundart project radio433.     Formal Education, 2010 – 15 University of Art and Design Linz / Austria, Time-based and Interactive Media, BA 2015 – 16 Chinese Culture University 中國文化大學 Taipei / Taiwan (R.O.C.), Mandarin TOCFL Band B 2016 – now Academy of Media Arts Cologne / Germany, Media and Fine Art, Diploma.

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