Banlieue cuivrée

Nicola Fumo Frattegiani, Conservatory of Music of Frosinone

Banlieue cuivrée. Suburb brass. Crumbled concrete. The matter fragmentation, its chaos and energy, counterpoised to its implacable, pure and monolithic immobility. The cement shifted through the metal and the leather. The expression “banlieue cuivrée” comes from the will to represent the life of a cement magma with its morphed and dynamics fluctuations, its slackening and but also with its static poses sublimated in the urban architectonic context. Hence concrete. A specific matter. A “fact” surrounding our daily space. A rigid corporeality but that comes in liquid form. Concrete. Suburb. Banlieue. The colour grey. The composition has been built using exclusively concrete samples of metallophones and membranophones instruments. Brass is the dominant metal colour in the musical context, hence the second French term cuivrée. To this light a copper mass, alternating its breath in different ontological sound statuses, is the resulting terminological syntaxes.    


Born in Perugia, Nicola Fumo Frattegiani graduated from D.A.M.S. (Academy of Arts Music and Show) at the University of Bologna, with a thesis on Luigi Nono’s work “Intolleranza 1960”. Later he has advanced Master’s degree on “The musical cultures of 1900’s” at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome, and a bachelor’s degree on “Electronic Music and New Technologies” (course electroacoustic composition) at the “Francesco Morlacchi” Conservatory of Music of Perugia. Currently Nicola Fumo Frattegiani is attending the Master’s degree of “Electronic Music and New Technologies” at the “Licinio Refice” Conservatory of Music in Frosinone (course audiovisual composition). His works have been presented at various national and international festivals including ICMC International Computer Music Conference (South Korea), NYCEMF New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, ICMC-NYCEMF (USA), SMC Sound & Music Computing Conference (Cyprus), Atemporánea Festival Internacional de Música Contemporánea (Argentine), Festival Futura Mondes Parallèles (France), Synchresis Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro y Música Electroacústica (Spain), Evimus Saarbrücker Tage für elektroakustische und visuelle Musik (Germany), MUSLAB Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica (Brazil), Echofluxx International Festival of Experimental Film, Music, Dance and Poetry (Czech Republic), Audio Mostly a conference on interaction with sound, BFE/RMA Research Students’ Conference, Convergence International Conference/Festival of Music, Technology and Ideas, Noisefloor Festival (United Kingdom), Diffrazioni Firenze Multimedia Festival, XXII CIM Colloquium of Musical Informatics, Venice Biennale of Architecture (Italy). Author and performer, his research deals with electroacoustic music, sound for images, video, art exhibition and in particular compositions for theatrical performance.