Accumulator # 4

Jeremy Welsh & Michael Francis Duch, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim

This work follows a series with the same title (Accumulator 1,2, 3) etc as well as realizations of works by Pauline Oliveiros, Michael Pisaro, Hanne Darboven, John Cage and others. All of these combined live music for double bass with film/video. Works have been exhibited, performed and presented at conferences in Norway, Austria and Ireland.


Jeremy Welsh (1954, UK) is a visual artist and professor of Fine Art. Has exhibited internationally since the late seventies. Formerly exhibitions coordinator at London Video Arts (later known as The Lux) and former director of Film & Video Umbrella, London. Resident in Norway since 1990.

Michael Francis Duch is a professional musician and associate professor of musical performance. He has worked with many renowned musicians within contemporary and improvised music and is a member of leading Norwegian ensemble Lemur. Duch has released several solo and collaborative albums of own and others’ music and is a member of Scottish/Norwegian avant-rock band Amor.

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