Abstracted Objects

Emma Margetson, University of Birmingham

…coins …foil …metal pan …cellophane …bubblewrap …noise

A collection of found sound objects originally explored in a hands-on creative workshop exploring sound, object and mark making at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts. The recorded found sound objects from this workshop were repurposed for this eight-channel composition, Abstracted Objects.


Emma Margetson is an award-winning acousmatic composer and sound artist based in the Midlands, UK.  Her works have been performed nationally and internationally and was recently featured on the British Music Collection’s #AComposerADay series, which showcased the profiles of 31 female composers and their unique contributions to composition in the UK. Emma’s compositional work is focused on developing novel compositional approaches that are actively geared towards increasing engagement with electroacoustic composition in order to reach wider audiences, in particular disadvantaged segments of the community, and younger people. Furthermore, Emma has collaborated with a variety of organisations across the West Midlands including the Ikon, Research & Cultural Collections at the University of Birmingham, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts and Sampad. Emma is currently in the final phase of studies for a PhD in Musical Composition from the University of Birmingham funded by the AHRC Midlands3Cities Doctoral Training Partnership under the supervision of Annie Mahtani and Scott Wilson. She is currently a member of BEER (Birmingham Electroacoustic Ensemble for Research) and her work has been published with Urban Arts Berlin, Sonos Localia and obs акусма AUDIOR 068.