Moritz Schuchmann, HAW Hamburg

The abstract experimental film investigates right-wing extremist crime scenes in Germany. The photographic material of street textures and surfaces, which has been shot at three exemplarily selected crime scenes in Rostock, Bottrop and Magdeburg is re-animated digitally and transformed into an immersive visual experience. Schuchmann combines methods of Formalism and Abstract Animation with an intensive sound design to explore the places and to give viewers a new perspective.    The project was funded by the Faculty of Design, Media & Information of the HAW Hamburg.


Moritz Schuchmann was born on 22.06.1993 near Darmstadt in Hesse. After studying digital media, he moved to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg, where he studied in the Master’s program Time-Based Media – Sound / Vision. A workshop on the topic “Abstract Narratives – Narrative Abstractions” with video artist Max Hattler paved his way for the future in the field of experimental film.  A strong Formalism in the tradition of Absolute Film is the basis of his work. Schuchmann wrote his master’s thesis on the subject of Meaning in Abstract Animation. Exhibitions & Film Screenings: Platzhirsch Festival | Duisburg, Germany | 30.08. – 01.09.2019 Solo Exhibition at Klub der Künste | Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Germany | 02.05. – 18.05.19 Anifilm Festival 2019 | Trebon, Czech Republic | 10.05. – 12.05.19 – Abgedreht Festival | Hamburg, Germany | 13.12. – 14.12.2018.

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