Beyond free, beyond institutions & beyond assessment: a Stephen Downes triptych

Stephen Downes (CC-BY-NC Stephen Downes)

Stephen Downes gave a series of three inter-connected (but, he insisted, standalone) talks in London this summer, starting here at Greenwich on the 8th July. This post brings together the recordings from these talks, which tackle different aspects of what education is and could be in our massively networked global culture. Continue reading

Communities of Practice at the University of Greenwich

What do we mean by Community of Practice (CoP)? Jean Lave and Etienne Wenger (1991) introduced the notion of communities of practice in their book Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation. They highlight however, that the COP notion has been around since human beings chose to group together and form societies. Therefore,… Continue reading

Information Literacy Needs a Role in the Curriculum

information literacy word cloud

Student employability is a top priority for higher education institutions worldwide.  Thus many educators are actively seeking ways to improve their teaching practices so that students are not just learning the skills necessary for competency in the subject area, but also for real world application.  According to the American Library… Continue reading

Open Educational Resources

The development of educational resources is something that is often born out of the needs of students.  Today, technology now pervades all aspects of our lives.  However, increasingly we are a global community who are sharing data in unprecedented ways. This article aims to provide an introduction to Open Educational Resources, advice on… Continue reading

Digital Scholarship: Conducting Digital Research

iOS research apps folder

            Social Media Icons, Illustration,,Web, Accessed 6 May 2014 Our world, both within and outside of academia, continues to change dramatically due to significant advances in technology and its use in education. To retain relevance in our professions, communities and with society as a whole, it… Continue reading

Scrutinising MOOCs: Lessons for online distance learning

Earth seen from lunar surface - NASA picture

Exploring landscapes of distance learning A major focus for the Greenwich Connect team here at the University of Greenwich is to explore and identify best practices in online distance learning, and to encourage and support innovation in this field within the University community. This post is the first in a series… Continue reading

Flipped Classroom

What is “flipped classroom”? Flipped classroom refers to an approach in teaching which reverses traditional session structure and moves lecture content to an online environment that is to be accessed ahead of the class. By doing so the time spent in class is devoted to more interactive forms of learning.… Continue reading

Students as producers

*Courtesy of Jamie Murray. [Original video]. Background The “students as producers” concept stems from the wider debate on the purpose of the university and the negative critique of higher education as a dysfunctional entity, in which teaching and research work against each other. Students as producers tries to reconnect the two… Continue reading

EDU Open Lectures – Helen Keegan on networked creatvity

Helen Keegan, National Teaching Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the University of Salford gave our first open lecture for the Educational Development Unit and Greenwich Connect on Transformations in Practice and Pedagogy through Networked Creativity. Helen’s presentation slides can be downloaded as a PDF file Continue reading