A Case study on the use of a Student Focus Group to Enhance the Student Learning Experience

In this blog, I share how I organised a student focus group to enhance the learning experience for a second-year module on quantitative methods. This was a compulsory module for Undergraduate Economics students that ran for a double term with a class size of 99 students.   Due to covid restrictions, in term 1, the module consisted… Continue reading

Preparing teachers for teaching in hybrid virtual classrooms

Introduction The Covid-19 pandemic challenged Higher Education Institutions to offer innovative educational practices. Within a HEI in the east of The Netherlands, approximately 70% of the part-time bachelor students articulated the need for onsite education throughout the lockdown of 2020. As such within the Covid-19 limitations offering onsite courses to… Continue reading

A reflection on using different pedagogical approaches to teaching practical marketing experiences online

Imagine every class you have ever taught was in person and you had never taught online. You had no idea what to expect with blended learning let alone completely online teaching. You wanted to create an interactive learning environment for all your students but wasn’t sure which method to turn to. I think all of us felt… Continue reading

From “ivory tower” to “real world”: Transforming learning, teaching and research through Living Labs

In the past years, we all witnessed a progressive blurring of the boundaries between universities and their environment. Once depicted through metaphors such as the “ivory tower”, universities are now expected to be “entrepreneurial” and accomplish multiple missions by opening up to many stakeholders (Etzkowitz, 2014). On the one hand, from a teaching perspective, co-creation with learners… Continue reading

Learning to fly: Helping postgraduate students learn the craft of independent research

1. Our aims  This blog aims first to assess the learning opportunities that the new pedagogical philosophy of the “connected curriculum” may offer students. We also want to reflect on how curriculum design may facilitate these opportunities. We hope that our reflections will invite conversations on putting this new philosophy… Continue reading

Supporting Faculty of Business Students’ Placement Journey during the pandemic

Introduction  The decision to undertake a placement year is a complex one. Students must weigh up opportunity and risk to find a balance between fear of failure and the desire for success. The students who were in the middle of their placements, as the first lockdown was announced in March 2020 were part way through… Continue reading

Business School Employability Office: Supporting students to master the virtual recruitment process

The Business School Employability Office (hereafter, BSEO) needed to help students to adapt quickly to recent virtual recruitment changes which resulted after a shift to remote working due to the COVID-19 crisis. In this blog we (Helen Kofler and Raluca Marinciu, Employability Advisors at the BSEO) outline the ways in… Continue reading

Inclusion and online sharing of teaching practice during the Covid-19 crisis: The case of the Business and Economic Education (BEE) sessions

Introduction  This blog post is about a recent experience within the Economics and International Business (EIB) department where we effectively mobilised collective knowledge and shared practices during the transition to online teaching amid the Covid-19 crisis. It is the story of how the Business and Economics Education (BEE), a series… Continue reading

Being a Student Researcher – Personal Reflection

Being offered the position of a Student Researcher at the beginning of term 2 initially gave me the opportunity to develop my researcher identity and gain an interdisciplinary insight and understanding of the Higher Education system from an academic perspective – an opportunity that gradually evolved to become an experience… Continue reading

Enhancing Employability: A Student-led Project using LinkedIn

Why ViewPoints?  April 2020 was a time when the whole world was still trying to deal with the shock of a global pandemic. The lives of everyone were turned upside down and university students were no exception. For almost all students who were entering their summer term of studies, the… Continue reading