EDI Strategy Launch – 27 January 2016

The first EDI Strategy launch was held on 27 January 2016.  The event was a huge success attracting nearly 90 participants throughout the day, including colleagues, not only from university faculties and directorates but also from Cambridge University, Goldsmiths and Business in the Community.

We welcomed many speakers who had come to us from Stonewall, King’s College London, Kingston University, the Students Union,  and many other from the university.  The speakers on the day talked on a wide range of topics including, Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, Athena SWAN, Race Equality Charter, Student Parents, Disability, religion and belief, mental health, BME.

Our participants really enjoyed the day and we thank them for attending and our speakers for taking part.IMG_0836 IMG_0838 IMG_0839 IMG_0840 IMG_0841 IMG_0842 IMG_0844 IMG_0846 IMG_0847 IMG_0849 IMG_0851   IMG_0853 IMG_0854 IMG_0855 IMG_0856 IMG_0857 IMG_0861 IMG_0862 IMG_0863 IMG_0864 IMG_0866 IMG_0867 IMG_0868 IMG_0869 IMG_0870 IMG_0871 IMG_0872 IMG_0874 IMG_0875 IMG_0876 IMG_0879 IMG_0883 IMG_0884 IMG_0885 IMG_0886 IMG_0888   IMG_0890 IMG_0892 IMG_0895 IMG_0896 IMG_0898 IMG_0899 IMG_0900   IMG_0902   IMG_0904 IMG_0906 IMG_0907     IMG_0910 IMG_0911 IMG_0913 IMG_0914 IMG_0915