SOUND/IMAGE19 Special Guests Announced!

We are delighted to announced the very special guests who will be joining us for SOUND/IMAGE19.

Annette Vande Gorne

Annette Vande Gorne can be heard in concert (more than 500) in many European countries, as well as Canada, China and South America, presenting repertory works of acousmatics in addition to her own works, usually on a 80-loudspeaker acousmonium. Her music focuses on the sounding energies of nature; she uses natural sounds and transforms them in studio to create an abstract, expressive, and non-anecdotal musical language. The relationship between text and music is another subject she often explores. She produced an acousmatic opera “yawar fiesta” which completely renews the genre while creating a link with the past. She studied classical music at the Royal Conservatory of Mons and Brussels, and with Jean Absil (fuga, instrumental composition). She also studied electroacoustic composition with Reibel and Schaeffer at the Paris National Conservatory. She is the artistic director of Brussels’ international acousmatic festival L’espace du son, and of the international competitions Espace du son (spatialization) and Métamorphoses (acousmatic composition). Vande Gorne founded and still leads the non-profit association Musiques & Recherches, and the studio Métamorphose d’Orphée (founded in 1982). She is the publisher of the electronic Lien and of the Electrodoc documentation center She taught electroacoustic composition: Royal Conservatories of Liege, Brussels and Mons where she created a complete electroacoustic department in 2002. Professor emeritus since 2016.

Terry Flaxton

British artist Terry Flaxton (b. 1953) has worked for decades with sound composition, photography and film, developing a particular interest in analogue video during the 1970s. He received a BA Hons in Communication Design in 1979 and spent over 30 years working as a cinematographer, which included shooting the third ever electronically captured movie with Channel 4 and the BFI’s Out of Order in 1986. His work today focuses on durational forms of the digital including sound, video, print and installation. He is widely recognised as an artist who creates challenging moving image work that has been featured in publications including A History of Video Art, Bloomsbury, 2006 and 2014; Diverse Practices, University of Luton Press, 1996; and A Directory of British Film and Video, Arts Council England, 1997. His works are held in various collections including Lux London, Video les Beaux Jours Strasbourg and AICE Milan. His 2008 work In Re Ansel Adams is in the permanent collections of the Harris Museum in Preston and the Royal West of England Academy of Art.

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Annie Mahtani – Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert

Real world sounds are transformed, manipulated and restructured to explore the juxtaposition of real, abstract and surreal soundworlds.

Annie Mahtani’s work explores electronic music composition in all its facets, from acousmatic music to free improvisation and including collaborations within dance, theatre and site-specific installations. With a strong interest in field recording, her work often explores the inherent sonic nature and identity of environmental sound, amplifying sonic characteristics that are not normally audible to the naked ear.

Annie is also co-director of SOUNDkitchen, a Birmingham based collective of curators, producers and performers of live electronic music and sound art.




The Loudspeaker Orchestra presents immersive acoustic experiences through programmed concerts of multichannel sound design, sonic art and electroacoustic music. Regular concerts, featuring work by international artists alongside students of Sound Design, take place in and around Greenwich.

Linear Obsessional – Loudspeaker Orchestra Concert – 20th February, 7pm

An eclectic programme of field recordings, noise and drone music from this local independent label.

Linear Obsessional is a label for limited edition CDs and records, and for unlimited free/name-your-price digital recordings of experimental and improvised music, and other sounds that fall between the cracks of category and genre.




The Loudspeaker Orchestra presents immersive acoustic experiences through programmed concerts of multichannel sound design, sonic art and electroacoustic music. Regular concerts, featuring work by international artists alongside students of Sound Design, take place in and around Greenwich.

Barry Truax – Concert 4th December (plus Student Talk and Tutorials)

On the 4th December we were delighted to welcome Barry Truax to present an an extended concert as part of our Loudspeaker Orchestra concert series.

Lucky Sound Design students were also able to book up for one-to-one tutorials with Barry providing insights and advice on their compositional projects.


Barry Truax is a composer of soundscape and context-based music best known for his work with the PODX computer music system which he has used for tape solo works and those which combine tape with live performers or computer graphics.

He worked with the World Soundscape Project, editing its Handbook for Acoustic Ecology, and has published a book Acoustic Communication dealing with all aspects of sound and technology.

Professor Emeritus in the School of Communication and (formerly) the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University, Barry taught courses in acoustic communication and electroacoustic composition, specializing in soundscape composition.


This event was so popular that it sold out months in advance and guests had to stand in the gallery! We hope that Barry will be able to visit us again soon as there is clear demand for him and his music in Greenwich.


The Loudspeaker Orchestra presents immersive acoustic experiences through programmed concerts of multichannel sound design, sonic art and electroacoustic music. Regular concerts, featuring work by international artists alongside students of Sound Design, take place in and around Greenwich.


Electroacoustic Music in Great Britain – call for pieces and papers

Call for contributions: Electroacoustic Music in Great Britain: Past/Present/Future (26th / 27th January 2019)

Marking the 40th anniversary of the founding of EMAS (The Electroacoustic Music Association of Great Britain) Electroacoustic Music in Great Britain: Past/Present/Future seeks to explore the varied history, and vibrant present, of electroacoustic music practice in the UK.

In celebration of this significant anniversary, the British ElectroAcoustic Network, in association with the School of Design, University of Greenwich, invite you to contribute to a weekend of talks, concerts and discussions celebrating the achievements of Electroacoustic music in the UK and to project forwards toward new futures.

For more information about the event, and details of the call for pieces and papers, please visit the British ElectroAcoustic Network website:

Beginning of the Academic Year 2018/19

Dear Sound Designers,

It’s almost time to begin another year and I am very much looking forward to welcoming you back to Greenwich. Geoff and the technicians have been busy over the summer with upgrades to the studios and we look forward to receiving some new equipment over the next few weeks which will begin to find its way into your hands via the studios.

Academics have been working on research projects and preparing events and activities for the next year. On the 4th October Ian will host a launch event for his new record label project Sonus Localia, presenting surround sound recordings and compositions. I have been finalising plans for this year’s Loudspeaker Orchestra concert series, which will welcome many international guests to share their works and their ideas with you in public concerts across the whole year. And as ever, all of our research activities are feeding directly into our teaching as we bring the ideas and approaches that we have explored directly into modules and classes on the programme.

This coming year will be the first time that we have students across all three years and I am really looking forward to the benefits that this will bring in increased community. I hope that you’ll be keen to join in with the many events that we are organising, and that you’ll be inspired and empowered to arrange your own events and performances.

See you in Welcome Week, with our first concert taking place on Friday 21st September – Ben Ramsay: Loudspeaker Orchestra.

Adam Stanović & Alumni – Concert – 22/9/17

The first of our 2017/18 concert season, this loudspeaker orchestra concert presents works created by Composers and Sound Designers at the University of Greenwich alongside special guest Adam Stanović.

This is a great opportunity to experience a concert of ‘spatial audio’. Composers will use live surround sound diffusion mixing to perform their pieces spatially within the Stockwell Street building.

A drinks reception will follow the concert.


For more information about Sound Design at Greenwich, visit:

Adam Stanović
Adam Stanović (Stansbie) is an award-winning composer, performer and writer specialising in contemporary electronic music and sound art. His works have been performed, published and prized around the world.

Adam has performed his music in some 500 festivals and concerts around the world, including many of the most significant contemporary music events (Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival; International Computer Music Conference; International Society for Contemporary Music). Beyond this, he has featured in wide range of popular music contexts, from the Glastonbury Festival to appearances on the BBC.

In 2016, Adam co-founded the British ElectroAcoustic Network (BEAN), alongside James Andean, with the intention of representing British electroacoustic music overseas.