Inspirational Diversity Champion of the Month – September 2019

World Alzheimer’s Month is the international campaign every September to raise awareness and challenge the stigma that surrounds dementia. September 2019 will mark the 8th World Alzheimer’s Month. The campaign was launched in 2012 and World Alzheimer’s Day is on 21 September each year.

With this in mind we have chosen Scott Mitchell and Barbara Windsor as our Inspirational Diversity Champions of the Month.

Both are former actors and have been married since 2000.  Barbara, well known in the role of Peggy Mitchell in Eastenders, is currently living with Alzheimer’s.  Barbara was diagnosed in 2014 but her condition was only made public in 2018.

Together they are campaigning to raise awareness of the condition and for more support for the families and those affected by Dementia.

Scott and Barbara led the charge for Dementia Revolution, a unique ground-breaking campaign formed by Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer’s Research UK, helping to raise over £3 million towards dementia research.

Dementia Revolution was the chosen charity for this year’s London Marathon and Scott and fellow Eastenders friends of Barbara’s decided to raise money for the cause by running in the name of Barbara’s Revolutionaries.

Scott and Barbara have recently become Ambassadors for the Alzheimer’s Society and continue to fight against dementia.

To find out more about World Alzheimer’s Month see here

To find out more about Dementia Revolution see here

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