ATLAS - Think Language First


Raising awareness about the role of language health for individuals' education and well-being, endorsed by over 60 organisations.


Growing up with more than one language can be challenging

Late childhood and Adolescence

Key aspects of language ability develop during our late childhood and adolescence

Across populations

Understanding language across populations is key to understand language needs and language itself

Across language modalities

Around 95% of children born deaf or with hearing impairment have a delayed exposure to language

Bringing language development in the school years to the forefront of research and policy from an interdisciplinary perspective



Manifesto Think Language First!


TEAM ATLAS: Accessible Tools for Language Assessment at Schools
Issues in language development affect many children and young people for different reasons: developmental language disorder, learning disabilities, late language exposure, growing up with more than one language or coming from a disadvantaged social background. There is scarce awareness about language difficulties and they often go unnoticed, despite being commonly associated with grave consequences such as low school attainment, behaviour problems and mental-health issues. We advocate for further awareness and support for language needs and for some of them to be fully acknowledged as a disability in our Manifesto. Join us by endorsing it here