National Sporting Heritage Day

To celebrate National Sporting Heritage Day, September 30th, here are some images from our extensive sporting archives.

    UGA_WP_Lady Gymnasts_1899

1890’s: Woolwich Polytechnic Lady Gymnasts, 1899

UGA_WP_Cricket Tour_Oxford 1908

1900’s: Woolwich Polytechnic Cricket Tour to Oxford, 1908

UGA_AH_P_1_94_1908 College Hockey Team

1900’s: Avery Hill College Hockey Team, 1908

UGA_WP_Women's Gymnastics Shield_1902 to 1927

1920’s: Woolwich Polytechnic Ladies Challenge Shield, 1902 – 1927


UGA_WP_Sports Pavillion_Feb[ruary] 1st 1930

1930’s: The opening of the new Sports Pavilion at Well Hall, Eltham, 1930


First anniversary of the Library’s move to Stockwell Street


Possibly the first Library in the 1892 redevelopment of the original Woolwich Polytechnic 1890 building.


The ‘new’ Library in the 1915 Market Street Building (not to scale!)


Our earliest image of a member of Library staff, possibly in the Market Street building, but undated.

UGA_WP_Photogravure Block_ND

Students in the 1939 Wellington Street building. The new building was bombed in 1940, so the Library did not move in until after the war.


The Building was renovated in 1964. Including the Library.


The exterior of the Wellington Street Library.

UGA_TP_Library_Wellington Street

Some sections of the Library later moved to Riverside House in Woolwich.

TP_Riverside House Library_1979_KS

In the early 1990s, the whole Library was moved to Riverside House after renovation.


Longest Serving Monarch

To mark Her Majesty the Queen achieving the record of longest serving British Monarch here are some photographs of Her relatives from the University Archives:

HM Queen Mary, the Queen’s grandmother, visiting Rachel McMillan Nursery. Born HSH Princess Victoria Mary von Teck at Kensington Palace 26th May 1867 she was lined up by Queen Victoria as a future Royal Bride. In 1891 she became engaged to Prince Albert Victor, eldest son of Edward Prince of Wales. When Albert die in a flu epidemic in 1892, his brother Prince George, Duke of York proposed to her and they married in July 1893. She subsequently held the titles HRH Duchess of York; HRH Duchess  of Cornwall; HRH Princess of Wales; HM The Queen; HIH Empress of India; and after George died HM Queen Mary (as Queen Mother).

Queen mary Mc Millan Nursery

HM King George V, the Queen’s grandfather with Queen Mary, visiting the Bergman-Osterberg Institute at Dartford. Possibly shocked by the amount of leg being shown by the staff and girls.

King George V and Queen Mary (00000003)

HRH Princess Margaret, the Queen’s sister, at the re-opening of Avery Hill College in 1947.Princess Margaret visit to AHC 1947 (00000003)

Archives in literature

Starting a new theme this academic year here’s the first contribution from a beach in Naxos.

Theseus “From there the thread led into a passage all in darkness, where I could only feel my way along the walls. My face tickled with cobwebs, and a rat ran over my foot. I thought of snakes and trod delicately. The passage sloped upwards, and the air felt warmer. At the end was another lamp, and a great room full of archives: shelves of scrolls rustling with mice; mouldy rolls of ancient leather; bundles of palm leaves inked with faded signs; chests and baskets full of clay tokens and tablets. The dust made me sneeze and the mice went scampering.

Mary Renault (1958) The King Must Die. London: Virago p. 287