The University Christmas Card: A history

Avery Hill – 1906-1916

Not necessarily a Christmas Card, but our only one from Avery Hill College. Sometime between 1906, and 1916 when the Southwood Halls were completed, and Bronte, Fry, Grey, Sommerville, and Roper (Southwood House) students dined in their own hall. Mansion, and Eliot (day-students) moved to the old mansion dining room.

Woolwich Polytechnic – 1917

This image in the January 1917 Woolwich Polytechnic Magazine shows the Christmas card sent to staff and former students serving in WW1. We do not have a copy of the original card as it was sent by the Athletics Club which was equivalent to the Students Union; different only in that students could remain as members after they had left.

Woolwich Polytechnic – College of Engineering and Science

Promotional Greetings Card: sent to ‘Headmasters (and their Careers Masters)

Thames Polytechnic – undated

Probably 1990 – Says ‘Season’s Greetings’ inside.
Possibly 1991: as new Coat of Arms not granted until 1990.

University of Greenwich – undated

University of Greenwich – Digital Card

2020 – COVID19 Lockdown