Electroacoustic Music in Great Britain – call for pieces and papers

Call for contributions: Electroacoustic Music in Great Britain: Past/Present/Future (26th / 27th January 2019)

Marking the 40th anniversary of the founding of EMAS (The Electroacoustic Music Association of Great Britain) Electroacoustic Music in Great Britain: Past/Present/Future seeks to explore the varied history, and vibrant present, of electroacoustic music practice in the UK.

In celebration of this significant anniversary, the British ElectroAcoustic Network, in association with the School of Design, University of Greenwich, invite you to contribute to a weekend of talks, concerts and discussions celebrating the achievements of Electroacoustic music in the UK and to project forwards toward new futures.

For more information about the event, and details of the call for pieces and papers, please visit the British ElectroAcoustic Network website: https://britishelectroacousticnetwork.com/emas-40th-anniversary/

Beginning of the Academic Year 2018/19

Dear Sound Designers,

It’s almost time to begin another year and I am very much looking forward to welcoming you back to Greenwich. Geoff and the technicians have been busy over the summer with upgrades to the studios and we look forward to receiving some new equipment over the next few weeks which will begin to find its way into your hands via the studios.

Academics have been working on research projects and preparing events and activities for the next year. On the 4th October Ian will host a launch event for his new record label project Sonus Localia, presenting surround sound recordings and compositions. I have been finalising plans for this year’s Loudspeaker Orchestra concert series, which will welcome many international guests to share their works and their ideas with you in public concerts across the whole year. And as ever, all of our research activities are feeding directly into our teaching as we bring the ideas and approaches that we have explored directly into modules and classes on the programme.

This coming year will be the first time that we have students across all three years and I am really looking forward to the benefits that this will bring in increased community. I hope that you’ll be keen to join in with the many events that we are organising, and that you’ll be inspired and empowered to arrange your own events and performances.

See you in Welcome Week, with our first concert taking place on Friday 21st September – Ben Ramsay: Loudspeaker Orchestra.

Paula Fairfield – Game of Thrones Sound Design

Emmy Award Winning Sound Designer, Paula Fairfield reveals how she designed sound for the iconic creatures in Game of Thrones.

With surround sound examples and stems from major scenes in Season 7, Paula will discuss the evolution of creature sound sets: including the dragons, the wights, the Whitewalkers, the polar bear, the direwolves, and the ice dragon.

Exploring her inspirations and the challenges encountered along the way (like the dragons growing up), Paula will reveal the challenges of Sound Design for a Major Television Production such as Game of Thrones and the importance of careful planning, especially in a series that can potentially span years.



Paula Fairfield is an International and Emmy award winning sound designer for tv, film, commercials, and basically anything that makes noise. She has eight Emmy nominations with one win for her work on Game of Thrones, along with multiple wins and nominations for her work in both The US and Canada. During her career she has had the privilege of working on tv projects such as the iconic LOST and visionary filmmakers like Robert Rodriguez, Brian DePalma, Paul McGuigan and Darren Aronofsky.

Her passion is high concept sound design and her main interest is working with visionary filmmakers, which is clearly reflected in her resume and her background as an artist. Paula is from a tiny town in Nova Scotia and has a BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax, N.S. During her career as an exhibiting artist, she was the co-director of Canada’s foremost media art center, Charles Street Video. Her art work resides in several collections worldwide, including the National Gallery of Canada. She started her commercial sound work in Toronto with Sound Dogs before relocation to Los Angeles in 1998. In 2014, she established her sound design company Eargasm Inc.

Paula will be debuting her new immersive audio work “Ocean of Tears” in 2018/9 at the University of Greenwich in London. Current projects include “Game of Thrones”, “Tom Clacy’s Jack Ryan” (Amazon, August) and the upcoming Robert Rodriguez/James Cameron “Angel Battle Alita”, due December this year.


The Sound/Image colloquium explores the relationships between sounds and images, and the images which sounds can construct by themselves.

Through a series of complementary strands – talks, screenings, loudspeaker orchestra concerts – we will bring together artists and experts to investigate sound and sound-image phenomena.

This year we are delighted to invite Yves Daoust, Holly Rogers and Bret Battey as special guests for this third instalment of SOUND/IMAGE.


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