Open Lecture: Adam Bell

Adam Bell

Thursday 10th March 2022, 6.30pm

Tessa Blackstone Lecture Theatre [0003]

‘Today, our details tend to exist solely for the service of the whole structure, and become inherent particles of the whole structure … So much so that the details often fuse completely with the greater architectural form to point where it’s difficult to separate them.’ This proposes the question, does the architectural detail enforce the aspirations of the polemical stance of the specific site, client, brief and the aspirations of the club?

Adam is a former student and current Design Realisation tutor at the University of Greenwich, as well as an Architect at Foster + Partners. He will show a series of projects including his Masters thesis ‘The Restored Commonwealth Club’ and schemes undertaken at Foster + Partners. The study of The Restored Commonwealth Club is formed of the Entrance and Library, focusing on a number of mnemonic details. The club has gone through a number of transitions in line with the state of the empire and the development of the Commonwealth, the ideological charge is released through the club’s details. Since being part of the Foster + Partners London studio he has collaborated on numerous projects including Mexico City Airport, a Secretariat in India, a gaming Headquarters in the United States, through to London’s Battersea Powerstation that is under construction. To oversee and monitor the construction the studio has employed the help of Spot, a robotic dog designed by Boston Dynamics.

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