The School of Design maintains its own specialist facilities in addition to the general wider provisions of the central Information Library Systems (ILS) department.

A 220 m sq model workshop accommodates small hand tools and machinery for both traditional model making, joinery and fabrication such as sanders, saws, vacuum formers, etc and larger workshop equipment including:

  • Large format laser cutters
  • ABS / PLA / Resin 3d printers
  • Large CNC machine
  • Panel saw


Occupying the entire first floor of the Stockwell Street S11 building the design studios feature 10 large open studio areas and a computer suite of 80 PC workstations and Macs. The print area has high volume, large format plotters with a variety of media types and as well as vinyl cutter and A1 scanning equipment. It also has a 4 x 5m internal living wall containing 16 plant species and over 700 plants.


The building also has a photographic and TV studios, animation studios and landscape roofs.


Information on the specialised student facilities are available from on the FACH Support site