PG Dip Architectural Practice

PG Dip Architectural Practice (PDAP)



Roof Gardens: Stockwell Street

The Postgraduate Diploma in Architectural Practice [PDAP] programme brings students to the final stage of their architectural training. Upon successful completion, students can apply to join the UK’s register of architects.

The course is rooted in the description, explanation and analysis of aspects of current professional practice. It also demands that students examine and debate their own methods of working in the light of taught input. Consequently, applicants should normally be engaged in full-time architectural practice in the UK and be fully prepared to share their experience with their fellow students.

The Viva included in this programme is held at the culmination of studies, where the candidate demonstrates to examining professionals that they have fully benefited and learnt from their prior professional experience.

In the Janus paper (‘Looking back, Looking ahead’) students review their experience and reflect on what – and how – they’ve learned from it. They consider their needs for future development and their career plans.

Throughout the PDAP course, there are mechanisms to allow students, upon written request, to break their studies for personal or professional reasons. This can be done at certain milestones in the programme, provided agreement has been obtained from the School.